Data Sources HELP!

I have a set up an outline view with three columns. I have connected the OUTLINE view to a data souce (in IB). I would like to fill the outline with the contents of a list of lists. The lists structure is as follows (if the brackets don’t match properly here, that is an input error on my part):

{{{abc, 123, 456},{def, 789, 012},987, 654},{{GHI, 753, 159},{JKL,147,258},369,741}}}

I would like that to display something like this when collapsed:

Group 1          987          654
Group 2          369          741

and like this when expanded:

Group 1          987          654
   abc              123          456
   def               789          012
Group 2          369          741
   GHI               753         159
   JKL              147          258

I have read the Mail Search tutorial, concentrating on the sections about building the interface and the sections about writing the code (the parts pertaining to data sources), but I am still having trouble figuring out how to make this work.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Brad Bumgarner, CTA