Date into renamed folder

Didn’t we just do this?

I’m sure there is a more elegant solution, but this will convert the date in into a numerical form. (It doesn’t pad with leading zeros.)

property theMonths : {January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December}
set theDate to current date
set theDay to the day of theDate
set theYear to the year of theDate
set theMonth to the month of theDate
repeat with x from 1 to 12
   if theMonth = (item x of theMonths) then
      set theMonth to x
      exit repeat
   end if 
end repeat
set theName to theMonth & theDay & theYear as text --"1302002"

Type (current date)'s class into the Editor. Press ‘run’ and look at the result window. It might look like text, but it isn’t - the class is date, which can’t be treated as text - and that’s why your code can’t work.
All you need is
set theDate to (current date) as text
and the rest is simple.

Just noticed that you had a previous thread with the same name (confusion!), which got a thorough reply.
That notwithstanding, if you make the addition/alteration I suggested then you can play around with ‘theDate’s characters 1 thru 30’, ‘theDate’s word 4’, etc to your heart’s content, which might be a simpler way for you to achieve what you want.