Date issues with FilelMaker Pro...

Kindo f a vague questions, but I’m wondering if anyone has any insights to how AS and/or FileMaker Pro handles date formats. I’ve got a script that has 3 overall phases:

1- Create a Web Page
2 - Update the home page with a link to the newly created page
3 - Update an “archive” page that lists all previousy pages ever created.

In step one, the Script successfully grabs a date field from FileMaker Pro and creates a folder with a date format of mm/dd/yy. In Step 2, it succesfully creates an HTML link to the newly created page while adhering to the mm/dd/yy format. In step 3 however, all file references are set to a date format of mm/dd/yyyy. The variable inside the script isn’t any different from phase to phase and the data is being pulled from the same area in Filemaker. Quite perplexing.

Any ideas or suggestions for debugging would be appreciated.

How is the date stored in the variable - as date, string? Does the variable get set once during the script or multiple times?