Dates query...

Hi there,

I have an Excel worksheet that contains two columns, one with the date in it and the other with a time in it (as shown below).

12/2/08 16:42:06
13/2/08 10:01:50
12/2/08 16:04:36
13/2/08 10:02:49

Can someone tell me if it’s possible to concatenate the two columns in such a way that applescript treats the date and time as if they were the modification date of a file. I’m wanting to compare the date/time stamps of several hundred files i.e. is Date A > Date B.
I’ve tried a few things but as yet haven’t sorted it.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Nick,

assuming UK date format settings and the Excel cells are text formatted, try this

set _date to "12/2/08"
set _time to "16:42:06"

set fullDate to date (_date & space & _time)

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your reply and the help.
As always, spot on! :slight_smile:

Thanks again,