Decimal values messed up

I’ve tried to find to solution to a problem for several days now. Since I upgraded to Lion all decimal values in QuarkXPress (8 and 9) is presented as hex like the following example:
Get bottom margin of page 1 → «data FXVM08042200», which should be 12 mm.
The same goes for bounds of a page, but if I get the items one by one I get the correct values.
I’ve tried to find a way to convert the hex values myself but I can’t seem to find a logical way of doing it.
Bounds returns «data FXVM00002400»«data FXHM00004903»«data FXVM1A8DCA04»«data FXHMC8E39206»
When I convert the hex values to decimal I get 9216, 18691, 445499908, 3370357254 and I am at a loss on how to make them into 12.7, 296.686, 432.7, 593.686.

Best regards,

Peter Karlsson