Default location path question

I’m trying to write a script that asks a user to pick a folder from within an existing folder structure on an OS X Server machine (running latest build of Tiger Server). Ideally, the “choose folder” window will automatically be pointed at the parent folder of the folder structure.

My script looks like this:
move every file of alias “MBP:Users:medmonds:Desktop:Imported:” to (choose folder with prompt “Select your personal user folder” default location path to alias “PERSONAL:”)

Applescript resolved “PERSONAL:” from the path that was generated by dragging the PERSONAL server share mounted on my desktop into the applescript window. Before compiling the script it reads as /Volumes/PERSONAL

The error message I get looks like this:

Finder got an error: Can’t make alias “PERSONAL:” into type constant.

I have no idea what this means!
Help please!

FWIW, The server’s shares are not using Appletalk, rather SMB, and the Xserve permissions are controlled by AD on a Dell Server.

If you want to choose from a list, then the argument must be a list, not a path. Further, if “Personal” is a mounted share appearing on your desktop, then the path to it is just alias “Personal”, and if you have a folder in there, the path to it is alias “Personal:yourFolderName:” Can’t say much more without knowing some more.

path to is a StandardAdditions command that returns “the full path to the specified folder” for the (constant) parameter that it is given.

Try something like this:

choose folder with prompt "Select your personal user folder" default location alias "PERSONAL:"

Thanks to both of you for your help…
I took your suggestions, read a bit more, and decided to go a more sophisticated route that is now working beautifully… I first have the user pick his username from a list, then ask for the “intent” of the files being processed. If the selection is “Personal” then the script puts the share name (Personal) together with the user’s personal folder name (which is the same) and the files go automatically to the right place on my server.

HUGE SUCCESS FOR A NOOB!!! :slight_smile: Macscripter rocks.

set username to item 1 of (choose from list usernamelist with prompt "Please select your name")
	set personalfolder to ("PERSONAL:" & username & ":")
	display dialog username & ", there are " & photocount & " items in the import folder." & return & "Please choose what they are for." buttons {"Personal Use", "Construction Administration", "Image Library"} default button 3
	set the intent_button to the button returned of the result
	if the intent_button is "Personal Use" then
		tell application "Finder"
			move every file of alias "MBP:Users:medmonds:Desktop:Imported:" to alias personalfolder
		end tell