Defining list properties?

I’d like to do something that I just can’t seem to figure out.

My desire is to create to lists. One is a list of words in another language, and the other list is of the English translation of those words. Each item of the second list would correspond to the same item number as the first list. I’d then ask some questions about one of the lists and the user can input their answer, which I could compare to the proper item of the other list.

How can I specify that item x of the first list belongs with item x of the second list? I’m thinking it would specifying the properties of one (or both) of the lists, but I can’t seem to make it work.

I suggest you consider using records. You make a huge list of 2 item records, which could go something like this:

set word_List to {{Eng:"Hello", Svensk:"Goddag"}, {Eng:"Name", Svensk:"Nam"}, {Eng:"One", Svensk:"Ett"}}
set chosen_word to some item of word_List
set trans_Try to text returned of (display dialog "Please enter the Swedish equivalent of " & (chosen_word's Svensk) & ":" default answer "")
if trans_Try = (chosen_word's Eng) then
	display dialog "Mycket bra!!" giving up after 2
	display dialog "You need to spend some more time with the dictionary."
end if

Since you are choosing an item which is a 2-item record list, you would control which items go together, thus solving the problem of keeping things straight between two lists. If you want, you could also just use simple 2-item lists, so long as you always had the english word first, or always second. As long as you know which is always going to be which, it would not matter.

Good luck,

Dad-gum, that’s perfect! I love this website. Thanks a bunch.