Delete All from Desktop Except two items

I am building a kiosk in 10.5.2. I have created the script below to delete everything from the desktop at startup. But, there two aliases, Firefox" & “Safari” that need to remain on the desktop. How do I write an exception or not argument to leave those two items alone?

set exception_disk_list to list disks
tell application “Finder”
delete every file of entire contents of desktop
end try
delete (every folder of entire contents of desktop whose name is not in exception_disk_list)
end try
empty trash
end tell

Thanks, -Barry

something like this?

tell application "Finder"
	delete (items of desktop whose class is not disk and class is not alias file or (class is alias file and name is not in {"Safari", "FireFox"}))
end tell


you can do it also with a shell script. It deletes all files and folders on desktop immediately and recreates the two symlinks

do shell script "rm -r ~/Desktop/*; ln -s /Applications/ ~/Desktop; ln -s /Applications/ ~/Desktop"

Thank you! The Applescript works fine.