delete chars from string

This one should be easy, but I’m stumped.

set diskMaxSizex to (do shell script "diskutil resizeVolume /dev/" & bootDiskSlice & " limits | grep \"Maximum\" | awk '{print $5}'") as string
display dialog diskMaxSizex
set diskMaxSize to ((characters 2 thru -1 of diskMaxSizex) as string) --to remove '(' character
display dialog diskMaxSize

In AS Editor, it works as expected.

In XCode, diskMaxSizex is (2506521911
I wanted to strip the ( char, but I end up with
diskMaxSize 2/5/0/6/5/2/1/9/1/1

Any idea why the forward slashes are being added…?

Why not just pipe your result to sed, as in this example :

âž” echo ‘(2506521911’ | sed s~(~~

It’s because somewhere else in your code you have set text item delimiters to the slash, and have failed to reset them. As well as fixing that, you should use “text 1 thru -2 of diskMaxSizex” – that’s a lot more efficient than making a list and coercing it to text.

Thanks guys. You were correct about leaving an old delimiter set. I had saved the orig. delimiters, had a block of code, but in that, I changed the delimiters twice. In the second half, I saved the delimiters again which didn’t save the orig delimiter, but saved the first change, so when I reset at end, it put it back to the first change, not apple’s orig. delimiters.

And thanks for tip on text 1 thru -2. I didn’t know you could do that.

And eremita, it’s because I think in simple steps so my code tends to be written that way :wink:

Thanks again for the help.