Delete preferences files.

Does your application encounter errors? Most of the time, the removal of the preferences-file solves those problems. Or do you have an application in trail-mode, which you can only use a specified amount of time? Again, most of the time, you can just remove the preferences-file in order to reset the count. Save this script as an application an drop one application on its icon. Or just open the application or run the script, so you can choose an application.

The script:

on open theObjects
end open

on run
	set theObjects to (choose file with prompt "Please choose an application:")
	appFunction({theObjects as alias})
end run

(* ===== HANDLERS ===== *)
on appFunction(theObjects)
	if ((count theObjects) > 1) then display dialog "You can only drop one application at a time." buttons "OK" default button 1 cancel button 1
	tell application "Finder" to if (name extension of (item 1 of theObjects)) is not "app" then tell me to display dialog "You can only drop an application." buttons "OK" default button 1 cancel button 1
	set myApp to item 1 of theObjects as alias as text
	set bundleIdentifier to bundle identifier of (info for alias myApp)
	set preferencesFile to (((path to preferences folder) as text) & bundleIdentifier & ".plist")
	tell application "Finder" to if bundleIdentifier is not missing value then if exists alias preferencesFile then
		delete alias preferencesFile
		tell me to display dialog "Deleted: " & bundleIdentifier buttons "OK" default button 1
		display dialog "No preferences file found" buttons "OK" default button 1
	end if
end appFunction

Hope it’s useful,