Deleteing from a Combo Box

I am writing a simple stand alone application to amuse myself and learn Applescript objects, as I move from Visual Basic.

So what I want to do may not be the best but hey!

I want to delete items from a combo box. I can add items select items all with no effort. I can select one item in one combo and add it to a second. I would then like when I have assembled all the items in the second box turn them into a list and process the list, or clear the complete list.

I have found a code sample on Apple sites

delete every combo box item of combo box "MyCombo2" of window 1

but I always get an error

NSCannotCreateScriptCommandError (10)

set x to every combo box item of combo box "MyCombo2" of window 1

I get the same error for creating the list
Any suggestions please? :slight_smile:

not sure if it’ll work in a combo box or not. anyway, here goes:

set contents of combo box “ComboBoxName” of window “WindowName” to “”

like i said, don’t know if that’ll work, but it’s worth a shot… :slight_smile: