Deleting source files after compressor has performed a transcode


I’m fairly new to applescript and need a script that can be run by compressor on finishing a transcode job to delete the source file.
I can do the delete bit for known filenames but I don’t know how to reference the compressor source files in applescript, i won’t know the specific file name so the script needs to somehow pick the filename from compressor or for compressor to ‘tell’ the script the last source filename.

Any ideas would be great.



Sorry for sounding uninformed, or something, but I take it that compressor is a program. If it is, you might try to open that program’s dictionary from Script Editor in order to see how scriptable it is. If you cannot open a dictionary for the program, then it may not be scriptable at all. If it isn’t scriptable you may be able to tag the files that were active (not sure if it is possible to see if a file is in use or not. That would be one for the “Masters”.). Or maybe, if their modification date changes and then script the Finder to delete them.