Demuxing OGM and converting to MP4 via Applescript. Possible?*BigPost*

So I just started poking around with Applescript a few days ago and I don’t even know where to begin with this. If anyone can provide even the slightest help, I’ll be greatly appreciated. I want to master the language at some point, but I don’t want to wait a year or so until I’m skilled with Applescript to write this script.

Anywho, I get a lot of OGM animes and I convert them to MP4 manually, but it’s quite a hassle and I would really like to automate the process because of how much user input is required. You pretty much have to sit there and watch it because it calls on user input so often. Here’s my current step list I made. ( Feel free to use them if you want. My treat for bothering to read the topic. :slight_smile: )

So since D-Vision 3 doesn’t even show up in Applescript’s Dictionary, I was wondering if it’s still even possible to script for it? It would need to open D-Vision 3, click on Tools in the toolbar then on Demux OGM, specify a file and create the task. Then you would need to repeat the last bit for every item in a folder. Once it had done that, have it initiate the Demuxing in the task manager. Once D-Vision 3 is done with all tasks, it automatically closes in 15 seconds. I would then have applescript throw out all of the Japanese audio files.

Then in ffmpegX, just have it batch convert a bunch of OGG files to WAVs and then the WAVs to MP3s using the conversion methods, “Audio to Integer” and “Audio to MP3” and have it close when it’s done.

After that, you open D-Vision 3 again, click Tools, and Add Audio Track. You then specify an AVI and an MP3 and create the task. Repeat for the whole folder and then run the task manager. Once it’s done, it quits again and then have Applescript throw out all the pieces and keep the merged files.

The grand finally would be to batch them into EasyWMV, but thats not super important. (It doesn’t show up in the Applescript dictionary either.)

I realize I’m asking a lot and this, assuming it’s made, will probably be a pretty technical script. Regardless, I can see what I want to do, I just don’t understand the language enough yet to do it myself. I hope that in it’s making, others will use it aswell. Thanks again for your time.