Deselect Highlighted (Text,Row,Column) in NSTableView


I’m sure this is simple and i’m not thinking logically about it but i’m trying to deselect an highlighted
item in a tableview using:

tell tableviewOne to deselectAll_()

In fact its the whole row or whole column it doesn’t really matter, i just don’t want it highlighted after i push the button.

I’m not having much success.
Can anybody shed any light on whether this is the correct command and if it is am i implementing it correctly.
Or any other help would be appreciated.


You can’t have a method name that includes an underscore, and not pass something in. I’m not sure what you’re supposed to put in there, but if I want to invoke this in code, I use “me”. If you are invoking it from a button, then the usual syntax is to use “sender”.

tell tableviewOne to deselectAll_(me)


Thanks Ric

But (Me) didn’t work.

Thanks Guys
Sussed it.

I added another Property and attached it to the “Table View” and Ran the Same bit of code
and it worked.

tell theTableViewOne to deselectAll_(me)

Thanks Ric for the “me” bit