desktop flash swf picture ...

I’m trying to put a Adobe Flash SWF file in desktop picture but the file is not recognised.
I wrote this :

set the destination_file to ((path to desktop as string) & "test.swf") as file specification
tell application "Finder"
	set desktop picture to file "test.swf" of desktop
end tell

have you solutions or is it impossible to play a swf in desktop ?


AFAIK it’s not possible to use flash files as desktop background.
Are you able to choose the file manually in System Preferences?
If not, then it doesn’t work.

Hi Stefan,
I don’t understand what you mean :frowning:

open System Preferences and the Desktop & Screen Saver pane.
In tab Desktop you can manually choose pictures for desktop background.
Click “Choose Folder” and try to choose your .swf.
If the file is greyed out, no Flash

that’s grey :frowning:
in fact, i do this in mProjector but it’s a demo version
i’m credulous, i’ve believe i made the same thing with Applescript :slight_smile:

You can assign a desktop background picture with AppleScript, but OS X doesn’t accept Flash files

Dommage ! :frowning:


You might like to look at ‘WebDesktop’, here:

Peter B.

Thanks Peter :slight_smile: very good gadget :slight_smile:
but my project is offline


This is a good gadget. Not a full-fledged browser by any means, but by setting it so it’s opaque when active and invisible when inactive, it’s very easy to keep track of the bbs activity without having my browser window open all the time - I’ve set it up to refresh every 5 minutes. As soon as I switch away to another app, it disappears and my regular desktop shows. To see it, I just click its icon in the dock (and will probably give it a hot key in FastScripts when I’ve tried it out for a bit longer). Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:


I knew your project was local… offline… but I thought you might be able to adapt WebDesktop for your use.


I discovered WebDesktop some while ago, when I was still working on Missing Link and thought there might be some interesting, dovetailing local uses.

Today (even though I shouldn’t have been spending the time), I played some more with WebDesktop, made it nominally scriptable (so that - at least - window size could be set/reset, etc.) but haven’t (yet) come up with something of genuine utility for myself.

I’ll have to try some of the different opacity settings…

In any case, on trying it out again, I was a little disappointed to realize it isn’t actually ‘active’ as the desktop overlay.


Peter B.