detect photoshop files

I have a script that in crawling a directory tree and processing files based on creator type / file type but the values on the ps files are turning up 'missing value" is there some other way that I can detect that they are psd files if there is no extension and the creator and file types are missing? i there someway I can read in the file and check for a certain line in the head of the file something like that ?


Hi mcgrailm,

if .

set {theapp, thekind, theidenty, thetype, thecreator} to {default application, kind, type identifier, file type, file creator} of (info for (choose file))

… doesn’t give you any advice you may try the commandline-tool exiftool (just google for a download-location)


do shell script "exiftool -a -u -g1 " & quoted form of POSIX path of (choose file)

…will return any exifdata readable by the exiftool. Have a look at the homepage to get infos on setting options when reading the exifdata.

Using Spotlight “may” be possible too:

Have a nice day