Determine if Application requires Classic or OS X

I would like to figure out how I can determine if an application requires Classic or OS X to run. In other words, I have a video/audio file that I would like to start up in QuickTime. Before starting QT I would like to determine if Classic is running, if so, will the file run under the Classic version of QT or the OS X QT pro version.
I think that determining if classic is running can be done through “Application Processes” in the Standard Additions. Anyone with some ideas?

My ideas are as follows:

set prox to {}
set procs to {}

tell application “Finder” to set procs to name of every process
tell application “Finder”
set prox to name of processes whose creator type contains “TVOD”
end try
end tell
repeat with i in prox
–do something with this prox, like maybe quit it.
end repeat

This still does not answer what would be needed to determine if an application needs “Classic” to start? I think it might be a raw Apple Event Call since the System Prefs does not have a Applescript dictionary.

tell application "Finder" to kind of (choose file)

should return “classic” or “classic app”… :slight_smile: