Determine if email was sent or received.

I want to find a simple way to see if a messages was sent or received . the following handler works for enable accounts but now for all the users email address on that account.

on StatusEmail(Sender_, CheckSender) --Determine if Mail is Received or Sent by the User
	tell application "Mail"
		display dialog Sender_
		set emailAddressList to (email addresses of every account whose enabled is true) --Returns all the users email addresses
		display dialog emailAddressList & " " & CheckSender as string
		if (emailAddressList as string) contains (CheckSender) then
			set Status_ to "Outward"
			set Sender_ to "" --Blank as Sender was the user
			display dialog "Status " & Status_
		else --Must be  inward email
			set Status_ to "Inward"
			try --Extract Name of sender or set it to part before the @ symbol
				set Sender_ to extract name from Sender_
			on error --Means only an email address so set sender to part if front of the @ symbol
				set brkpos to offset of "@" in Sender_
				set Sender_ to characters 1 through (brkpos - 1) of Sender_
			end try
			display dialog "Status " & Status_
		end if
	end tell
end StatusEmail

For instance my address is which is returned by the script but if I sent a message from that is not identified as a sent message. I realise I could create a list of all my email addresses and check against all of them but I was trying to make it a little more user friendly.