Determine if InDesign CS2 Preferences have been changed

My question isn’t so much related to coding, as it is InDesign system files. I can design the script if I know what file or folder to work from.

I am looking for a way to determine if InDesign’s Preferences have been changed. But only the major preferences. For instance if someone decided to switch points to inches, or apply leading to entire paragraphs.

I was thinking I could look at the modification date of an InDesign pref file vs. a copy of that same file that was tucked away on their system prior to a machine upgrade. This script would work as a login item, which checks for the mismatch in modification dates.

Upon mismatch the script would replace the InDesign Preference files by taking a copied “Version 4.0” folder from their system and overwriting the application’s necessary folder found in users>admin>library>Preferences>Adobe InDesign>Version 4.0

My issue is knowing what file to use as a comparison benchmark. Every file I noticed, i.e. “InDesign Defaults” seems to get its modification date updated even when simple palettes are moved, etc.

I am not predicting a response, but just for the heck of it I am posting this question anyway. I will delete it if I get no replies within a few days.