determining version of app

Hello and happy holidays! I have been working on installing sparkle in my future app and I was hoping someone could give me a quick rundown or link to how version numbers are determined, why is there a CFBundleVersion and a CFBundleShortVersionString. I do understand the short version is human readable.

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look at There are a lot of useful video podcasts, one describes Sparkle

thank you for the reply. I have no problem with sparkle or applescript studio. I just wanted general info on version numbering, for instance… what version number to start with? then when do I bump from x.0 to x.1 and why do some versions have 3 or more digits like v1.0.2? That kind of info, I have looked for this info in the past and found no info. Maybe I am looking up the wrong keywords. What I do now is start at 1.0 when I fix something I go to version 1.1.


From my point of knowledge Sparkle just checks whether the current installed version number (CFBundleVersion) is less than the new version on the server

Do a google search → “how to use version numbers”

Here are a couple of links from this search.

Thanks craig, that’s what I needed to know.


You might consider adopting the Semantic Versioning Standard. It codifies what is, in my opinion, a good approach to the process of assigning version numbers.

Looks good and pretty straight forward. Thanks you.


Sparkle is some awesome software by an amazing developer. Many (a lot) mac apps use it for a good reason, which you can easily find out. Since it relies on some basic elements found in an app’s Info.plist, you can do some things with this.

AppFresh being the best example (OSX desktop component to

A piece of code/software I just found that would help you quite a bit:

I indeed have app fresh installed, but have no idea how it does what it does. Thanks for the bitbucket link too. Will come in useful. I struggled to get sparkle installed for awhile, but I was overthinking it and it was stupid simple to install, agreed also…a superb piece of software. And andy? was quick with a bit of help.