Dialog Box Help (InDesign CS)

I was hoping to make a dialog box that could load different swatch libraries in InDesign CS. For instance a dialog box that that has eight buttons that link to different InDesign documents that contain unique swatch palettes.

Ideally, when all said and done the user response would load the specific selected swatch library. (but I am far from that step)

My question at this point is if anyone knows of a way to code for a dialog box or some kind of list that could give 8 choices to an user, which could then be selected and then coded to link to a file?

I only know how to set up a dialog box with 3 buttons.

Take a look at the InDesign Scripting Guide (section starts on page 29 in the CS2 version of the manual). InDesign has a VERY robust set of commands for creating dialogs and user interfaces.

Thansk mleslie,
Is there a free download for this PDF? I am surprised I am not seeing a Scripting guide for indd CS, but I do have one for PS that was included in CS suite install?
My company plans to upgrade to CS2 in year or two. Would it be unwise to purchase a CS2 Scripting guide, vs. a CS? or is the coding rather similar? (Work won’t reimburse me for this) :frowning:

Scripting guides for InDesign (and a LOT of other useful info!) is located here:


The scripting PDF links are about halfway down the page. :cool:

Awesome link!!!
Thank you very much.