Dialog Director Black Background?

I’m making an old PowerBook Duo 270c running OS 7.6.1 into a clock and caller ID box. AppleScript is used (with the Dialog Director scripting addition) to take the Caller ID info from Mac Caller ID and display it in a larger dialog box. I’d like to make the background of the dialog box black, but can’t seem to work it out. I’m hoping someone who is more familiar with scripting additions may be able to suggest something. (Unlike the Display Dialog addition, there’s no DLOG resource in Dialog Director to modify. And none of the 3rd party utlities that modify the System appearance seem to have an effect on Dialog Director’s box.)

IIRC, this was the trick:

dd install with grayscale given «class Tint»:[0, 0, 0]

Otherwise, you can place a black PICT as background, or a disabled color picker with value {0, 0, 0} (?)

Your first suggestion worked perfectly. Thanks jj!