Dialog Director & OS 8.6

Sorry to diagree with those two replies, but your dd code is perfect and I suggest you don’t worry about your version of AS.
All you need to do is remove the “text of” from the last line. All you want is the index (integer) for your list of text items…

if radioDialog's item 1 then ¬ 
set kindOf to choices's item (radioDialog's item 3)

Karl, it occurs to me that radioDialog’s item 3 does not exist.
Forgive me being blunt but your answer is gibberish. Item 3 does exist - it is a correctly coded group of radio buttons.
I suspect from what you write that you have never used. Try it - it’s fantastic.
I repeat - the code is perfect. There was simply an error in syntax/logic at the end. Minor detail.

Rob - Just noticed that you gave the correct answer. Nice to see that AS has perhaps become a bit more lenient. After all, “the text of a piece of text” ahould be considered more as ‘unnecessary’ rather than wrong.