Dialog Director & OS 8.6

Why can’t I get information from the following dialog box?

set choices to {"ch01", "ch02", "ch03", "ch04"}
set radioDialog to dd auto dialog {size:[310, 170], contents:[¬
{class:push button, bounds:[240, 140, 300, 160], name:"OK"}, ¬
{class:push button, bounds:[150, 140, 230, 160], name:"Cancel"}, ¬
{class:radio group, bounds:[10, 45, 190, 61], button offset:[20, 20], max down:4, contents:choices}, ¬
{class:static text, bounds:[10, 10, 250, 26], contents:"Select something:"}]} with grayscale
set kindOf to choices's item (radioDialog's item 3)'s text

The kindOf is always empty and I can’t get any of the strings of choices…

No answer as to why it doesn’t work for you but this script works fine on
my OS 9.1/AppleScript 1.6 setup. I wonder if your version of AppleScript
might be the problem.

Does it make any difference if you use this for the last line? It works both
ways for me.

set kindOf to choices's item (radioDialog's item 3)


it occurs to me that radioDialog’s item 3 does not exist, as the firs is the size, and the second a list of contents. dot no third item. on top of that, from this nonexistent item, you seem to expect a positive int in type, because its an argument to item from the choices: ---------- set choices to {“ch01”, “ch02”, “ch03”, “ch04”} from this item, that clearly is of type string, you are trying to get the value of the text-property? i’d say: set kindOf to contents of item 3 of item 2 of radioDialog --from here, kindOf is a simple string, so: display dialog kinfOf
try it out, i can’t test it right now
take care, karl