Did Yosemite break my ability to edit old scripts or apps?

I created an automator app in Sept 2014 with some coding that went beyond clicking and dragging buttons. It involved getting a part of a file name as a string, manipulating it, reassembling it and using the string to rename the file. The script or app has continued to work well but I wanted to go back and do a few tweaks. When I launch Automator the app could not be opened. In the intervening year I have been playing with Swift so thought to see if xcode would open my app. It didn’t. What seems really odd is that a search is not showing others having this problem.

How do I edit my old scripts? I am running Yosemite and may have created the script on Mavericks. I kept a backup of my scripting files in a folder where I have a .app and a .scpt along with a folder which contains other folders:
app, bin, config, db. lib… and a few files.

I managed to solve this. In trolling through my Utilities folder I ran across ScriptEditor… it works great. I am a bit confused now and have no idea how these tools relate to one another.