Diff between two frontmost documents

would be nice to confront the two frontmost documents in their differences within the Script editor. Maybe the solution isn’t so simple as i think, but for the moment i’m too busy with other things as to figure out how to do it.
Somebody is interested to help ?

Hi Joy

I’m noticing no one is answering your post. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t really understand what you said. Based on your responses, I may not be the only one. With no disrespect intended…

First, what do you mean when you say “confront”? Do you mean compare? If so, compare what?

Second, I wasn’t aware that two documents (or apps for that matter) could be frontmost at the same time. Could you clarify if this is what you really meant.

Third, are these two files in two different apps, or two files is a specific app, or two files in a general app?


It is late, but should do the trick in TextWrangler

uff.sometimes i’m more creative than logical. Take it easy. But i need not to excuse myself for my nature, it think.
MacUsr, thank you for helping out!
maybe a new feature for iScripts to do a comparison between scripts? Sometimes Scripts loses their value and usefulness if f they are not embedded in the right context.

feel free to adapt my code, if you like my iScripts! :slight_smile:


Or the other way around? you can just incorporate it in iScripts, I have also written code that takes a snapshot of AppleScript editor, and a lister of the handlers in a library, that you may incorporate in iScripts!

Maybe there is some other stuff in codeexchange I have written to ease production of code as well. As long as iScripts is available for everyone, you can take whatever you want! If it is too much for you, maybe we can collaborate, but just a little, as I am to be very busy soon! :slight_smile:

Coming up soon is RCS for Script Editor again! :slight_smile: (I am tired of having 10 versions of the same file now!)

you’re right about incorporating scripts.
However, i made a little “error”. Code exchange is for posting useful handlers and nothing more. I posted an entire script because i wanted to promote Applescript.
So.i concluded that i leave everybody else to incorporate and build its own script experience over my original one.
busy? found your Brynhild? All the best. :slight_smile:

ps. RCS? Revision Control System?

Revision control, yes, so you can check in, and revert back, it is delivered with the system, it is cool to put in.

I like the idea of having something working and free for all, so you can basically do like I have done, stuff it into an archieve, and post a link to your drop box folder, or initiate a github project. That would have been fun!

Think about it!

Brynhild got fired a while ago! :slight_smile: