Differing results from "Save for web" as gif

When I use the “Save for web” option from within Photoshop CS2 and I select the gif option I can get a pretty nice looking .gif file. I’m now trying to do the same thing via an Applescript and I get different results. The image doesn’t look nearly as nice. Here is the code I’m using for the export…

				set newDoc to duplicate docRef
				set ruler units of settings to pixel units
				resize image newDoc width 200 resolution 72
				set myoptions to {class:save for web export options, color reduction:adaptive, dither:none, lossy:0, transparency:false, transparency dither:none, colors in palette:64} & my compileAsOption("CompuServe GIF")
				export newDoc in file (ouputPath & aFilesName & "_lg.gif" as string) as save for web with options myoptions
				close newDoc saving no

If I try and do an export as web via an action, the results look much better.

Any thoughts?

If you’re just writing this for yourself (or those close to you), then I’d use AppleScript to invoke the saved Photoshop action. I’ve done that before with good results.

If you’re distributing this script to others who may not have that Photoshop action, then you’re stuck with doing it via AppleScript and finding the combination of parameters that yields the best result.

Not sure why there is a difference, though. What do the results of the two exports look like? Can you post the images or describe the difference in quality?