Dilemma ... Activity or inactivity ...


I am writing a «stay open» handler to check my computer inactivity and to put it to sleep after 30 minutes of idle time. It will check different active processes in background (back up to Backup on my iDisk, desactivate a printer utility, quit the Classic environment).

This handler will work in conjunction with the «Power Manager» utility. PM will wake up my computer when needed. As an example, at 11H00 PM, PM will wake up my computer for the daily backup. With a scheduler (iCal, Indigo or any other), a backup script will start, mount the desired hard drive and will execute a determined Retrospect backup script. While executing it will check if Retrospect is still running. While doing that, I want to keep my screen saver active.

I know that with Power manager I can create different «Wake» events to keep it running. This has the problem of being oblige to fix a theoric maximum backup time. I would like to put my iMac to sleep, minutes after Retrospect has completed the backup. A Retrospect backup takes often 2 to 3 hours and I would like to have my screen saver on while backuping.

I thought about using «Extra Suites» features, but any trigger to «activate» a keyboard or simulate a mouse movement wake the screen saver from sleep.

While Retrospect is still running, is it possible to reset «by script or shell script» my computer’s idleTime to 0 in order to postpone putting my computer to sleep. This way, I think, the screen saver will continue to sleep.

Is this possible ?

Thanks for helping.