Directions to read PDF and save it as JPEG

Now than is ASOC is possible to call Cocoa commands is possible to know if is possible to read a PDF and save it as Raster JPEG file?
Any example to do that in ASOC?


Yes it can be done, but it’s not just a matter of calling a couple of simple methods. You need to load the file as an NSImage, get an NSBitmapImageRep from it, and then save it using representationUsingType:properties:. This assumes a single-page PDF. Unless you’re reasonably comfortable with ASObjC, using the shell command sips might be a better choice.

Hi Shane,

Yes I know about SIPS and I use it but SIPS cannot crop a PDF based on Trim Box.
I need to convert PDF as JPEG cropping them on Trim Box area defined in the PDF file.
Also I need to handle the Overprint. Photoshop and SIPS cannot do that. Only GhostScript as I know can do this.
Probably Cocoa can manage TrimBox area… but I don’t know if it can rasterize a PDF 1.3 that contains Spot and CMYK that requires Overprint in order to get the right composite result.


I’m afraid that makes two of us…