Disable On Idle wait cursor?

I’ve got a stay-open script that use an On Idle handler. When the on idle handler runs, I get the wait cursor briefly. Is there any way to disable this (If it won’t induce any additional performance penalty.)

I’m trying to keep the On Idle as fast as possible. So, I am trying to find anything at all that can be disabled that might slow down the On Idle handler. This will be running in the background as Quicktime Movies play in the foreground, so any delays at all cause hiccups in Movie Playback. A “nice” command for the entire script might be useful too :wink:

This is built with just the standard Applescript Editor. I could make it an XCode project if there is any benefit to that.


Assuming that the ‘on idle’ script doesn’t use any gui elements (save, display dialog, etc.) you might consider James Sentman’s Drop Script Backgrounder

Although it doesn’t use any GUI elements, it is a dropplet, and as such, I would want it to stay visible in the dock, and be “quittable”


Jon’s commands has a set cursor to options, but I’ve never used it.

Ending your “on idle” loop with:

return xx 
end idle

should enable you to have it executed only after every xx seconds.
(whether this suits your scripts’ purpose is difficult to say without more info.)