Disabling button in GUI...?

ahoy scripters,

i’m making a quick little application launcher for 20 or so machines, with different programs and capabilities.

what i’d like to do is have different buttons be enabled or disabled depending on boolean values determined by the script. for example, if a dvd-r is detected, the button to start iDVD should be enabled - no burner, button is disabled…

so, is there a way to “grey out” a button given a false boolean, and vice versa?

You can set the “enabled” property of the button to false and that will grey it out. Do you have the latest version of the “Applescript Studio Terminology Reference”? The version I have is 1.2. It covers all the elements used in Interface Builder (I think).

Hope this helps,
Brad Bumgarner, CTA

yeah, i know that much :smiley:

what i mean is… how do i set that(enabled/disabled) from applescript…?

like… say i have a boolean, “foo,” which my script sets…
how do i have the button enabled IFF foo=true ?


figured it out.
i forgot to take into account that i could tell the main window stuff… such as… the properties for the button. so, all is good.