Disabling crons using AppleScript

Is it possible to disable/enable crons (daily/weekly/monthly) using AppleScript?

Do you want to change all cron jobs, or just the periodic ones (daily, weekly, monthly)? Note that OS X v10.4 uses launchd for the periodic jobs (on a clean install, at least).

If you’re running Tiger, they’re in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons, called com.apple.periodic-xxx where xxx is daily, monthly or weekly .plist. They’re not launched by cron, but by launchd.

If you move them from there, they won’t be run, but be very cautious - you’re on your own there.

Just periodic crons. I want to mess with them using AppleScript. I also tried to edit them using TextEdit but i got some “you dont have enough permissions” error and when i tried to use Lingon, those settings didnt stick??? I tried to disable and change time.

To change the permissions, you’ll either have to use chown with admin privileges or select the file in the Finder and use Get Info to do it. Then your changes made in Lingon (or Launchd Editor) would “stick”.