Disappearing Window Objects

I am frustrated by disappearing objects on the main window of my ASS project.

After about 3 runs from “drag and drop” or “on open” two buttons, one image view and several text fields become invisible. The buttons are still active and will re-appear (along with the image view) if can find and click them. When I quit and relaunch, all is back to normal (until the 3rd or so run again). Also, running the app from a menu item (not using “drag and drop” or “on open”) does not seem to cause the issue after many, many runs.

It’s always the same objects that become invisible while 3 other buttons, and several other text fields never become invisible.

After much editing and commenting-out of various lines of code I can’t find the cause. I’ve rebuilt the entire interface again in IB and the issue persists. If anyone can give me a clue as to what could cause this behavior I’d be very grateful.


What version of OS X are you using? Early version os AS Studio had some bugs (though not anything I know of that would cause this).

That idea aside, are you “setting” any values in those controls that might be misinterpreted as a “hide” command?

See if you can define the exact moment that the items go invisible and post the relevant section of code.