Display Address Book contact


How can I open Address Book and show a certain contact?

Help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance


tell application "Address Book"
	set someones_ID to person "John Doe"'s id
end tell

open location "addressbook://" & someones_ID

That did the job!
Thank you very much!

The above code is really useful but fails if the"John Doe" string is an entry where the ‘company’ boolean is set to true. Thus the script won’t find “Apple Computer Inc.”. i’m using this OK for names:

tell application "Address Book"
	set myID to id of person myName
end tell
open location "addressbook://" & myID

but I figure I need to put that in the try block and on error make a second pass for company entries. There no mapping from ID to company, so I’ve tried this sort of thing (pseudocode):

set myID to id of person my (where company is true)

I’ve little expereince with Address Book. Am I on a futile quest here, or just using the wrong syntax.