Display Dialog Help

I want to keep a dialog open and change the text to let the user know what is happening. Then at the end when the script is finished have the display with a ok button.

You can’t do that with ‘display dialog’. The text is not changeable after the dialog is visible, and you cannot easily dismiss it.

You need to use some other UI solution, either AppleScript Studio, or something like 24U’s 24U Software

You can bomb them with updating dialogs that time out:

display dialog "" giving up after 1

Would it be hard to learn XCode and create a progress bar and text to indicate status of application?
I have installed xcode started a new project and Applescript drop application.

Created a window, progressbar and text field in interface builder.

But i don’t know how to name or link the script to the window and such.

I found it easier to use 24U’s appearance OSAX. There’s lots of options like progress bars with buttons and updatable messages and floating windows. It comes with loads of example code so it’s quite simple to get results quickly. The learning curve for Applescipt Studio is a bit steeper.