Display dialog with title not possible

This to weird to be true.
In my AppleScript studio project i’m not able to do a display dialog “test” with title “bla”
Everything else works with the display dialog (buttons and icons).

Anyone an idea why not?

The debugger says: "expected “given”, “with”, “without”, other parameter name, etc. but found “” (-2741)

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure what you mean. Post some code showing an example.

display dialog:

Notice that with title is not a parameter for the AppleScript Studio version. (Also, note that display alert is overridden as well.)

Cool Bruce, you’re really the king of applescript :wink:

Do you know why this is?

If nothing else, it adds support for the attached to parameter. Keep in mind that AppleScript Studio’ replacement version was created before the introduction of with title (and with hidden answer).