Display dialogs over the network

i’m sure someone as asked this before but i can’t find the post, or remember the outcome,
is there a way to display dialogs across the network on another computer?


If you don’t need interactivity for your dialog, you could look into using Growl, which is applescriptable and can be configured to send notifications across a network.

If you don’t mind the loss of security you could configure the receiving computer to accept remote access and you could then use the command line applescript tools to run scripts or handlers in scripts. This would be a non-trivial solution.

thanks will look into growl

You can also use Remote Apple Events (this doesn’t require using the command line).

Hey Bruce

tried the remote events with not much success,
ended up creating the script on the remote machine and running from another script
from my machine.

if you no some code that works
it would be appreciated…


You may try this, but it will not always work (depending on some apps’ scripting support,
machine’s presence on network, remote appEvents enabled, time-out when user busy)

set theMach to ("eppc://currUser:" & passW & "@" & IPnr of hh) as string
-- must be in the format "eppc://user:passw@ipnumber"

using terms from application "System Events"
	tell application "System Events" of machine theMach
		set fApp to some application process whose frontmost is true
		tell fApp
			beep 2
			set tB to button returned of (display dialog "hello")
		end tell
	end tell
end using terms from