displaying a dialog with a special icon. How?

I have an applescript I received from a friend that displays a dialog with a special icon, in fact the icon is his picture.

I see that he calls “display dialog " etc” buttons “Ok” with icon 21149

I tried using the same code on another script, but it doens’t work.

Can anyone explain me how it is done?


The icon number represents the resource ID of an ICON resource in the file.

Since your script doesn’t include the necessary resource, your script doesn’t show the icon.

You’ll need to use some kind of resource editor to copy the icon from the sample script into your own script (or duplicate the sample script file and edit the embedded script)

oops. double-post. my bad.

Hi Camelot!

Thanks for posting!

What you mean is that the icon is embed in the Applescript app itself?

What application do I use to “copy” the icon and paste it into the my Applescript app?

Is there a chance I could find a tutorial here or at Apple’s site?

I guess I am not typing the currect words in my search…