Displaying an image in NIB

So I need to display the current iTunes track image in my app, I have tried 100 different ways with no results.

what I have so far:
[logic] id there is art, get it create a file to the desktop, then use that file to display in my app.

so far so good, but I have tried “Image Well” and “Image View”

when I build image view, I get an uncaught exception thrown, so I have been trying image well.

here is the code I have tried:

[code]tell application “iTunes”
set myTrack to (current track)
set n to name of myTrack
set arts to artworks of myTrack
if arts = {} then
–display dialog “Il brano "” & n & “" non contiene artwork.” with icon 1
set arts to item 1 of arts – a track can contain multiple artwork; we choose the first one
set imageData to data of arts
my writeImageFile(n, imageData)
end if

			--set contents of theImageWell to myFile
			--tell theImageWell to setImage_(myFile) as picture
			--set image of theImageWell  to load  myFile
			--theImageWell's setImage_(myFile) as picture
			--aPopupMenu's addItemsWithTitles_(theMonths)
			--set image of theImageWell to (myFile)
			--theImageWell's setImage_(pathForResource_ofType_("AlertStopIcon", "icns"))
			--tell class "NSImage" of current application to set thePic to imageNamed_("Chart.icns")
			tell class "NSImage" of current application to set thePic to myFile
			theImageWell's setImage_(thePic)
			--set posPath to POSIX path of (choose file)
			--set newImage to NSImage's alloc()'s initWithContentsOfFile_(posPath)
			--theImageWell's setImage_(newImage)
		end tell[/code]

so its a little messy but this represents all the things I have tried. How can I get an image to display in my app?

I am sure this is very simple, and I am relativley new to this.

Any ideas or help please? 12 hours is enough time on this!!

using xcode 10.6 applescript application