Distiller hangs when run via Applescript

My issue is that when dragging and dropping a postscript onto Distiller the distill time is approx 2 seconds. When I run the following script the distill time is approx 30 seconds. Why and how do I resolve it?

Here is an example of the script I am using:

set in_file to "file.ps"
set out_file to "file.pdf"
set job_options to "opts.joboptions"

tell application "Acrobat Distiller 6.0.2"
	distill destinationPath out_file sourcePath in_file adobePDFSettingPath job_options
end tell

I can’t believe that no one else is doing something like this…

I have not resolved the issue as of yet. I did however get a copy of Distiller 7. Using the same script but with Distiller 7 the processing times are closer to what they should be. They are now only a second or two off but I will do more testing.

I did notice that the return code for jobs that do not distill appears to be the same as those that do. That is annoying but I can work around it.

I really wish that Distiller could be called from the command line and return decent results. Hopefully it would be a good PDF.