DMG's, notarization, and Xcode.

Hey guys! I’m building an AppleScript app in Xcode, and then uploading it from Xcode for notarization, then exporting the notarized app.

What’s the best way to send this app to people?

Zip it? If I zip it, do I need to notarize the .zip? If so, how?

I’ve been trying to make a DMG with “DMG Canvas” and DMG Canvas is taking care of notarization, but still having issues with users not being able to open the DMG unless they right click and click ‘open’. They’re sometimes getting the gatekeeper warning if they just double click.

“can’t be opened because Apple can’t check it for malicious software” :mad:

You don’t have to notarize .zip files.

Doh! How did I not know that!? :lol: