Do I need to learn Objective-C before going with AppleScript ObjC?

The question is in the subject of the topic.

I’ve made good progress in learning ASObjC and had no prior experience with Objective-C or any similar language. Early on, I purchased Shane’s book without which I would have been completely lost. Also, because ASObjC is so different from anything I had used before, it took some time and patience.

Shane‘s book? Sounds interesting. What‘s the name?

Cheers Carl

Carl. The title of the book is “Everyday AppleScriptObjC.” It’s a downloadable PDF with 159 pages and is available at:

To give you my thought about your question: NO

The journey to learn something could have different path.

Everyday AppleScriptObjC by Shane Stanley is a great book for people who knows AppleScript
and like to learn AppleScriptObjC. I also like to point out that Shane’s code in the book but also
on this forum ( have a structor to easy to follow (at least of my liking).
For me it means I find it easy to follow and understand the source code line by line to the end.

If we understand the code we could take part of the code to build something new.

Not only does Shane share so much of his knowledge there are many who do (

Its not always easy to find code on the internet and instead we find Objective-C or Swift.
Would it benefit you to have understanding in Objective-C to be a better ASObjC I think so.

I have translate Objective-C code to AppleScriptObjC, also PyObjC to AppleScriptObjC.

If you know framework, class, type method, instance method… you could code ASObjC
with help from