Do Mail Rule scripts operate in PowerNap conditions?

If a ML machine is asleep, does it still process rules and run scripts? It could be useful to invoke a script runner on code sent in the email body, but I don’t currently have the hardware to test this possibility. Is anyone here familiar? Thanks.

Hello Marc.

First of all, I know nothing about ML. but you have the possibility still to wake up on lan.

The way people usually do this, is to wake up another machine on the lan by direct SSH with certificates, it then wakes up the target machine on the lan, behind the NAT, this machine is awoken by, wake up on lan, by letting the first machin know which port it can use to reach it (network address table)

I believe it is doable, as long as your machine has ben awokened by the lan, then will probably look for incoming mail. I also think you should be able to create a launchservice, that somehow reckognizes that the lan is awake, which you can use to interact with mail.

It would be interesting to know if you manage to run scripts by mail. :slight_smile: