do shell script within HyperCard?

I can’t seem to get

do shell script “some_shell_stuff”

to work under HyperCard. I realize it is a pretty much dead product, but it still plays a large part in my daily work flow. I am trying to make use of more of the guts of OS X, and to get there I need to get this command working.

Any ideas or work arounds known of? Without it, I may need to look at revamping my entire work flow with AS Studio or purchasing SuperCard.



Have you tried wrapping the do shell script line in a tell block for an app that will pass on the do shell script command? Normally you would not want to put a Standard Additions command inside a Finder tell block, but it might help you in this case. I had a similar problem with FileMaker Pro not being able to use the “read” command to read text files.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it was still a no go.

I may have to try hiding the ‘do shell script’ in a script file, and try and load that in. I am not sure if it works or not, but it is the next thing on the list to try.