Do you want to allow this page to open “(null)”?

I wrote an app bundle using AppleScriptObjC which uses an HTML form hosted on our local server as it’s user interface. The app opens the HTML doc in Safari and populates the form using Javascript, responding to posts from the form using an “on open location” URL handler. This works perfectly but ever since the latest Safari and security updates each post is interrupted with this dialog (Do you want to allow this page to open “(null)”?), which must be dismissed before the URL is passed. This is a tremendous nuisance and impedes the work of my users. I have not been able to find a way around it. Any ideas? We are using Yosemite and I need to resolve this before we can upgrade the OS.

My suspicion is that if you do find a way around it, you can expect it to be blocked again in a following update. Security changes are rarely reversed.

Thanks, Shane, not what I wanted to hear. Unfortunately, it’s what I expected to hear.

If I build this as a Cocoa AppleScript app and use webkit, I should be able to capture user input without cross-source conflict. Yes? I’ve been writing AppleScript for many years and AppleScriptObjC since Yosemite, but I’m a Cocoa newbie.

If you mean it will give you a way around it – I very much doubt it.

No, sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear. What I meant was to display the HTML within the Cocoa-AppleScript app using webkit and capture the user’s actions so the post is not necessary. Hence no cross-source issue.

You can certainly display the HTML.