Documents and Packages?

I’m writing an App which involves packages as the file it reads from. I’ve configured this properly and all, but I’ve run into an issue.

It works fine with open panels, but when I [do what I think is] implement a way for the App to read the file when it is double clicked, I get the following error:

This is clearly a Cocoa type thing, but I have no idea how to override this. It spits out in the Debugger Console, if that helps.

Also, just to confirm, to enable double-clickability, you just use the following, right?

on read from file theObject of type ofType path name pathName
	--Do your thing here
end read from file

Thanks as usual!

Combining this with a connection in your documents nib should indeed make it work

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. :confused:

By “connection”, you mean right clicking to open up that panel full of options, right? If so, I couldn’t find anything significant.

I’m not sure if I couldn’t find the right thing, or if I couldn’t explain my problem well enough. If it’s the latter, I’ll try to elaborate. :wink: