Does a running AppleScript count as an 'application'

I’m trying to work with an AppleScript to automate some installations. Two of the installers I’m working with are InDesign and InCopy, and when these launch, they say all applications must be closed for the installation to proceed. If an AppleScript is running, will clicking OK to close all applications in the installer automatically halt the AppleScript? Or will the script keep running in the background, invisible to the installers’ “close all applications” command?

It seems I have answered my own question. The script, when compiled as a double-click application, does count as an application and either stops the installer from running (assuming the script has a condition that hasn’t been met) or the installer kills the application (if the condition part of the script is removed).

Is there a way to have an AppleScript to disguise itself so that it will be overlooked by any application trying to close other open applications?

I believe if the script is run from the scripts menu (when active) still as a script file, then it should remain open.