Does anyone have AppleScriptObjC to connect IKEv2 VPN

Since AppleScript can’t control an IKEv2 VPN nor can “scutil” command line,
has anyone tried to use AppleScriptObjC to get the similar capabilities.

Similar to “VPNStatus” menubar app from Timac from his blog at

Apple doesn’t seem to be in a rush to fix this.
It has been broken since El Capitan.


Not one reply as to where to start.

I was hoping Shane would at least have an inkling.

I was thinking it is part of the Personal VPN section of “NetworkExtension” framework

Any ideas how to start or initialize the NEVPNManager?

Have you tried using the vpnutil tool from that page via do shell script?

Yes, I’m currently using the command line version.

But it is lacking in ability to tell current status of VPN.

It only has 2 commands, Start & stop.

Was hoping i could do similar and get status and uptime using AppleScriptObjC.

Also would like to also do it as a learning experience.

I suspect you’re out of luck.