Does it exist?

I’ve made the jump. I am moving closer and closer to being completely paperless with the help of a document scanner that scans my receipts and miscellaneous paper. It has been a fantastic and, as cheesy as it it is life changing.

I do intermittent backups of my entire computer but would like another automated safety precaution to backup my PDF folder.

This is how I imagine it to happen:
¢ A folder action
¢ That triggers a script
¢ when a new PDF is added to that folder
¢ The folder action would create and send an email (to your preferred email address) with the PDF as an attachment and the file name as the subject.

I have searched and found scripts that have provided some of the functionality but nothing that has been exact. So my question for a group of experienced Applescripters is does it exist already? It seems like it would be a handy thing to have.

  • werler

This is easily done with Automator. You need only two actions, New Mail Message and Send Outgoing Messages.

When Automator starts, select New Folder Action and choose the folder that the files go into. Drag in the two Mail actions, set up the New Mail Message with the correct Mail information and save.

You are done.

Good luck, hope this helps.