Does ScriptEditor 2b2 work for anybody?

Everytime I save a script (even a brand new one with only a line or two of code), the program quits. The same was true for the first beta for me.

OSX 10.2.6, Ti 1GHz

Works fine here, same OS, spanish localization, with some bugs, but not crashes.

Maybe you can take a look to Smile, which is a freeware script editor lots of powerful than Apple’s Script Editor.
(perhaps you already know it :oops: )

There are actually two different versions of Script Editor 2.0b2 that could be in use. The first one, which was pulled quickly by Apple, exhibited the ‘quit on save’ problem. The latest is 2.0 (v 36).

– Rob

I’ve been using the latest version of Apple’s Script Editor 2.0 v36 since the day it was released and I am very pleased with its stabilty and new features. I’m looking very forward to the final (golden) version.

The new Script Editor is very nice and works well.

Does anyone know how to take advantage of the auto-complete feature that is exhibited?

Check this topic for details.

– Rob